“Simply put, whether you are a social worker or a milkman, grew up in foster care or lived a sheltered life, you have to read The Social Worker. It’s the back and forth story of Joey as a young social services client and then as a professional case worker. While serving time in a correctional facility, he forms his first close bond with John, a social worker, proving that water is often thicker than blood. John inspires Joey to follow in his footsteps, albeit Joey does so unconventionally. Ungar keeps readers enraptured until the very end when Joey finally realizes the disturbing stories of his past. The novel’s sad, happy and baffling events all surpass the realm of cliche. The Social Worker is exemplary of how fiction can be more honest than surface reality.”
Michelle Brunet, The Coast

This is the best book about Social Work I’ve ever read.
Robert Shepherd, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers

The ultimate insider’s view, page after riveting page.
Dr. Normand Carrey, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

An incredible story… made many memories come flooding back… people whom I admired for their tenacity and ability to put their feet on the floor in the morning when they faced so many hardships.
Shirley Morrison, Social Worker

Since it is a work of fiction, The Social Worker gives a reader permission to explore the difference between doing things right and doing the right thing. Without knowing what they are – only having hints from his memory – Joey faces aspects of himself that drive his professional decisions and effect his beliefs about what is the right thing to do. In the process he learns how supervisors and regulations can help us understand what influences our decisions about what is “right”. The novel exposes us to stereotyped workers from the burnt out to the compassionate through the eyes of a new, idealistic, and yet system-wise social worker and explores the challenges of working with youth whose lives seem destined from the beginning to be entwined with “the system”.”
Carol Stuart, Ryerson University

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed this novel. Quite a portrayal of so many clients we have all met. (I was going to say “we’ve known” but I’m not too sure about that). Our clients’ struggles with poverty, violence, anger, the grit, heartbreaks and  ife’s purpose became real through you. Not only did they have to deal with their own circumstances but you describe the many impositions we piled on as well. I’d like to see your novel become a mandatory part of social work education and discussions.
Bob Haley, Social Worker

Indeed this book is definitely thought provoking! It offers the chance to challenge what really constitutes good practice.”
Peter Smyth, The Advocate (fall issue)  Social Worker Review The Advocate

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